CLI Arguments

K9s CLI comes with a view arguments that you can use to launch the tool with different configuration.

# List all available CLI options
k9s help
# Get info about K9s runtime (logs, configs, etc..)
k9s info
# Run K9s in a given namespace.
k9s -n mycoolns
# Run K9s and launch in pod view via the pod command.
k9s -c pod
# Start K9s in a non default KubeConfig context
k9s --context coolCtx
# Start K9s in readonly mode - with all modification commands disabled
k9s --readonly

Key Bindings

Action Command Comment
Show active keyboard mnemonics and help ?  
Show all available aliases and resources on the cluster ctrl-a or :alias  
To bail out of K9s :q, ctrl-c  
View a Kubernetes resource using singular/plural or short-name :po⏎ accepts singular, plural, short-name or alias ie pod or pods
View a Kubernetes resource in a given namespace :alias namespace⏎  
Filter out a resource view given a filter /filter⏎ Regex2 supported ie fred|blee to filter resources named fred or blee
Inverse regex filer /! filter⏎ Keep everything that doesn’t match. Not implemented for logs.
Filter resource view by labels /-l label-selector⏎  
Fuzzy find a resource given a filter /-f filter⏎  
Bails out of view/command/filter mode <esc>  
Key mapping to describe, view, edit, view logs,… d,v, e, l,…  
To view and switch to another Kubernetes context :ctx⏎  
To view and switch to another Kubernetes context :ctx context-name⏎  
To view and switch to another Kubernetes namespace :ns⏎  
To view all saved resources :screendump or sd⏎  
To delete a resource (TAB and ENTER to confirm) ctrl-d  
To kill a resource (no confirmation dialog!) ctrl-k  
Toggle Wide Columns ctrl-w Equivalent to kubectl ... -o wide
Toggle Error State ctrl-z View resources in error condition
Launch pulses view :pulses or pu⏎  
Launch XRay view :xray RESOURCE [NAMESPACE]⏎ RESOURCE can be one of po, svc, dp, rs, sts, ds, NAMESPACE is optional
Launch Popeye view :popeye or pop⏎ See


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