CLI Arguments

K9s CLI comes with a view arguments that you can use to launch the tool with different configuration.

# List all available CLI options
k9s help
# Get info about K9s runtime (logs, configs, etc..)
k9s info
# Run K9s in a given namespace.
k9s -n mycoolns
# Run K9s and launch in pod view via the pod command.
k9s -c pod
# Start K9s in a non default KubeConfig context
k9s --context coolCtx
# Start K9s in readonly mode - with all modification commands disabled
k9s --readonly

Key Bindings

Command Result Example
Ctrl-a Show all available resource aliases  
? Show keyboard shortcuts and help  
<Esc> Back out of view/command/filter mode  
:alias_name View a resource by name plural/singular/short_name or alias :po
:alias_name namespace View a resource by name in a given namespace :po fred_ns
/filter Filter out a resource view given a filter /bumblebeetuna
/-f filter Fuzzy filter a resource view given a filter /-f mik
/-l label-selector Filter resource view by labels /-l app=fred
d,y, e, l,… Key mapping to describe, view YAML, edit, view logs,…  
:ctx View and select another Kubernetes context :ctx
:ctx + context_name Switch to given context by name :ctx fred_context
:ns View and select another namespace :ns
:screendump, :sd View all saved resources  
Ctrl-d Delete a resource (TAB/ShiftTab and ENTER to confirm)  
Ctrl-z Toggles Error Zoom to dive directly to resources that are in trouble  
Ctrl-w Toggles with wide column display  
Ctrl-k Kill a resource (no confirmation dialog!)  
:q, Ctrl-c Bail out of K9s  


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