K9s leverages XDG to keep its configuration files under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/k9s. The default configuration will vary across operating system so be sure to read up on the default location if you choose not to set that environment variable. The main configuration file is named config.yml and stores various K9s specific bits. This file will be updated by k9s to store current view and namespaces information.

This is still in flux and will change while in pre-release stage!

K9s CLI Configuration

# $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/k9s/config.yml
  # Represents ui poll intervals. Default 2secs
  refreshRate: 2
  # Number of retries once the connection to the api-server is lost. Default 15.
  maxConnRetry: 5
  # Enable mouse support. Default false
  enableMouse: true
  # Set to true to hide K9s header. Default false
  headless: false
  # Set to true to hide K9s crumbs. Default false
  crumbsless: false
  # Indicates whether modification commands like delete/kill/edit are disabled. Default is false
  readOnly: false
  # Toggles icons display as not all terminal support these chars.
  noIcons: false

  # Logs configuration
    # Defines the number of lines to return. Default 100
    tail: 200
    # Defines the total number of log lines to allow in the view. Default 1000
    buffer: 500
    # Represents how far to go back in the log timeline in seconds. Setting to -1 will show all available logs. Default is 5mins.
    sinceSeconds: 300
    # Go full screen while displaying logs. Default false
    fullScreenLogs: false
    # Toggles log line wrap. Default false
    textWrap: false
    # Toggles log line timestamp info. Default false
    showTime: false

  # Indicates the current Kube context. Defaults to current context
  currentContext: minikube
  # Indicates the current kube cluster. Defaults to current context cluster
  currentCluster: minikube
  # Persists per cluster preferences for favorite namespaces and view.

        active: coolio
        - cassandra
        - default
        active: po
        # Toggles NodeShell support. Allow K9s to shell into nodes if needed. Default false.
        nodeShell: false
      # Provide shell pod customization of feature gate is enabled
        # The shell pod image to use.
        image: killerAdmin
        # The namespace to launch to shell pod into.
        namespace: fred
        # The resource limit to set on the shell pod.
          cpu: 100m
          memory: 100Mi
      # The IP Address to use when launching a port-forward.
        active: all
        - all
        - kube-system
        - default
        active: dp


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