K9s is available on Linux, macOS and Windows platforms.

  • Binaries for Linux, Windows and Mac are available as tarballs in the release page.

  • MacOS

     # Via Homebrew
     brew install derailed/k9s/k9s
     # Via MacPort
     sudo port install k9s
  • Linux

     # Via LinuxBrew
     brew install derailed/k9s/k9s
     # Via PacMan
     pacman -S k9s
  • Windows

    # Via scoop
    scoop install k9s
    # Via chocolatey
    choco install k9s

Building From Source

K9s is currently using go v1.14 or above. In order to build K9 from source you must:

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Build and run the executable

      make build && ./execs/k9s

PreFlight Check

  • K9s uses 256 colors terminal mode. On `Nix system make sure TERM is set accordingly.

      export TERM=xterm-256color


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