You can style K9s based on your own sense of look and style. Skins are YAML files, that enable a user to change the K9s presentation layer. Skin files live in your $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/k9s folder. You can specify a general skin file skin.yml that applies to all your clusters or cluster specific skins that are named after the cluster you are connecting to. If a skin file exists for your cluster then the skin will be loaded if not the stock skin remains in effect. So if your want different K9s look and feel on a per cluster basis and say your cluster is named fred then your skin file name should be named $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/k9s/fred_skin.yml. Below is a sample skin file, more skins are available in the skins directory in the K9s repo.

Colors can be defined as named colors (see table below) or using an hex representation. To preserve your terminal session background color, we’ve added a color named default to indicate a transparent background color if so desired.

K9s Dracula skin

Changes to the skin file layout will occur as more features are added, so thread accordingly!

Skin Example

# $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/k9s/in_the_navy_skin.yml
  # General K9s styles
    fgColor: dodgerblue
    bgColor: '#ffffff'
    logoColor: '#0000ff'

  # ClusterInfoView styles
    fgColor: lightskyblue
    sectionColor: steelblue

  # Frame styles
    # Borders styles
      fgColor: dodgerblue
      focusColor: aliceblue

    # MenuView attributes and styles
      fgColor: darkblue
      keyColor: cornflowerblue
      # Used for favorite namespaces
      numKeyColor: cadetblue

    # CrumbView attributes for history navigation.
      fgColor: white
      bgColor: steelblue
      activeColor: skyblue

    # Resource status and update styles
      newColor: '#00ff00'
      modifyColor: powderblue
      addColor: lightskyblue
      errorColor: indianred
      highlightcolor: royalblue
      killColor: slategray
      completedColor: gray

    # Border title styles.
      fgColor: aqua
      bgColor: white
      highlightColor: skyblue
      counterColor: slateblue
      filterColor: slategray
  # Specific views styles
    # TableView attributes.
      fgColor: blue
      bgColor: darkblue
      cursorColor: aqua
      # Header row styles.
        fgColor: white
        bgColor: darkblue
        sorterColor: orange

    # YAML info styles.
      keyColor: steelblue
      colonColor: blue
      valueColor: royalblue

    # Logs styles.
      fgColor: white
      bgColor: black

Named Color Reference

black maroon green olive navy
purple teal silver gray red
lime yellow blue fuchsia aqua
white aliceblue antiquewhite aquamarine azure
beige bisque blanchedalmond blueviolet brown
burlywood cadetblue chartreuse chocolate coral
cornflowerblue cornsilk crimson darkblue darkcyan
darkgoldenrod darkgray darkgreen darkkhaki darkmagenta
darkolivegreen darkorange darkorchid darkred darksalmon
darkseagreen darkslateblue darkslategray darkturquoise darkviolet
deeppink deepskyblue dimgray dodgerblue firebrick
floralwhite forestgreen gainsboro ghostwhite gold
goldenrod greenyellow honeydew hotpink indianred
indigo ivory khaki lavender lavenderblush
lawngreen lemonchiffon lightblue lightcoral lightcyan
lightgoldenrodyellow lightgray lightgreen lightpink lightsalmon
lightseagreen lightskyblue lightslategray lightsteelblue lightyellow
limegreen linen mediumaquamarine mediumblue mediumorchid
mediumpurple mediumseagreen mediumslateblue mediumspringgreen mediumturquoise
mediumvioletred midnightblue mintcream mistyrose moccasin
navajowhite oldlace olivedrab orange orangered
orchid palegoldenrod palegreen paleturquoise palevioletred
papayawhip peachpuff peru pink plum
powderblue rebeccapurple rosybrown royalblue saddlebrown
salmon sandybrown seagreen seashell sienna
skyblue slateblue slategray snow springgreen
steelblue tan thistle tomato turquoise
violet wheat whitesmoke yellowgreen grey
dimgrey darkgrey darkslategrey lightgrey lightslategrey


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